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Palihouse Eschews "Luxury" In Favor Of "Living Rooms"

We have to give the developers of the Palihouse in West Hollywood points for creative real estate euphemisms, even if they make us want to throw up just a little bit. First they christened themselves a "boutique urban lodge" (read: long-stay hotel and residence) and now a reader writes in to let us know the marketers behind the project are avoiding the dreaded "L" word and replacing it with a new one: "Living Rooms:"

I got a postcard today for the Palihouse Living Rooms here in West Hollywood. It advertises that in addition to "hospitality guest suites" and "condominium residences" they are going to have a courtyard brasserie, an "espresso bar tabac" (whatever that is), a lobby lounge and a roof deck. It's a bit precious that they are calling themselves "living rooms" and not a residential hotel, although I think they deserve points for not using the words luxury or loft anywhere. I also enjoy that the Palihouse is across the street from an IHOP and walking distance to Barney Beanery.Excellent - a brasserie AND Barney's Beanery. The cost for your non-luxury Living Room? Prices start around $700,000.