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What's Missing From This Brochure?

[View of front yard of 1010 Oxford Avenue sent in by a reader]

Sure, $2.25 million sounds like a lot of a house in Marina Del Rey. But look at all the amenities - 4 Bedrooms and 3.5 Baths, Formal Dining Room, Fireplace in the Living Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Attached Two Car Garage, Room for a Pool. However, not included in the listing is the lovely view of the Waste Collection Systems Division. One reader writes in with more:

Drove by 1010 Oxford today in Marina. For your 2.25 million dollars, this nice looking "compound" has a lovely front-yard view of the WCSD (Waste Collection Systems Division) facillity.

Hey, they've been pretty good about removing the tags from the blank wall, so that's a plus. However, a quick drive around the block to Thatcher shows the ominous "LEAD HAZARD DO NOT ENTER" signs, in both English and Spanish.

It appears that there are some plans to demolish the site and "rid the site of lead paint as a favor to the community". In 2008, or sometime.

There's room for a pool, and I'm sure they'll do a bang-up job getting all that lead out of the soil, but I'm not sure I'd like to be the one selling 1010 Oxford this week.So you suffer from a little lead poisoning-induced nausea, at least you'll have a formal dining room to not enjoy your meals in.