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A Look-See at GLO

That giant Lunesta butterfly of a downtown building, GLO, gets a profile in this week's Downtown News, and thus we learn:
--Units range from 600 to 1,250 square feet; most average about 1,000 square feet
--Rents for one-bedrooms start at $1,708, two-bedrooms begin at $2,540 and three-bedrooms are $3,000 and up
--Amenity rooms are nicknamed the very CW Network-sounding "Frolic Room" and the "Surf and Sand" Room
--The building's developer plans to put up a 40-story tower across the street at 1111 Wilshire and redo another one on four acre at Sixth and Bixel Sts
--It's all CAPS. GLO
Also in the Downtown News: One cup of coffee will cost you an astounding $5.50 at the new Groundwork cafe in the Higgins Building.
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