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Does Anschutz Like Sushi?

Friday night we stopped by Yamashiro for our regular Friday night game of quarters & sushi. While standing at the bar, we had the luck to be perched next to two gents apparently involved in the sale of the property who were discussing the status. We tried to catch every detail of the conversation however large portions were obscured by the running of the bar's blender. Here's what we heard. They are still looking for a buyer. The ownership read the LA Times story and realize traffic will be a huge issue with the community, making community outreach essential. When discussing whether they were going to immediately flatten the apartment buildings on site or leave them there for awhile, the blender came on and we couldn't hear the answer. One gent suggested that they look to see if the "owner of Staples Center" (would that be Anschutz??) would be interested in the property. Curse our stupid ear for not hearing more.
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