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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Thank you to those of you participating in this week's game. For those of you playing the home version, we welcome you to go online and guess. It's free! Now, the answer to last week's Walking in Venice...

Asking Price: $2,995,000
Listing: Described thusly: "Gorgeous cottage style home on RARE DOUBLE LOT on one of the best walk streets." Featuring three bedroom and two baths, this loverly home on Marco Place is just east of Abbot Kinney. It also features a guest house and garden. Apparently, we threw most of you off by presenting you with several sane listings over the past few weeks. This crazy price caught you all by surprise.

However, commenter abc (with possibly a bit of internet help) hit closest to the mark with a guess of $3,000,000. He/she also managed to give us the property history, which is an amazing feat of guesstimation. For next time, put your crazy caps on and be ready to guess high. Higher! Higher! Oh, and the last time we checked, this home was in escrow.
· 746 Marco Place, Venice, CA [abbot kinney real estate]