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CurbedWire: Less Art, More Frozen Yogurt

SANTA MONICA - Making room for a new yogurt place? The Santa Monica outpost of the MOCA store looks like it's about to be shuttered. According to, the store is now having a massive closing sale and the employees are having a one night only art show on July 28th in Venice. MOCA's co-tenant HiLights is also up for lease. [CurbedWire Inbox/Mahamondo]

ANAHEIM - Remember that little kerfuffle between the City of Anaheim and Disney over affordable housing? The one the Daily Show did a special report on? Well, according to the OC Register, it seems that the Happiest Place on Earth might actually be the Most Bureaucratic Place on Earth. The developer of the affordable housing units, SunCal, will ask the city of Anaheim to postpone a vote on the issue this week since they met with Disney over the weekend to explore solutions. Despite the request for a continuance, there has been no compromise between the two parties. [CurbedWire Inbox/OC Register]

HOLLYWOOD - This barely qualifies as a "tip" but what the hell. We can appreciate extreme laziness. One reader emailed us with more yogurt-related news: "there's a new frozen yogurt shop at the corner of franklin & highland (not far from the old aron's records) in the little mini-strip mall next to the jiffy lube. i didn't have the chance to snap a photo or write down the name but at this point, all these frogurt dives are the same, right?" Right. [CurbedWire Inbox]