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Curbed LA Goes To Red Mango

In any other city, in any other state, in any other time, no frozen yogurt shop opening would even consider having a VIP party with free valet service, schwag bags and open bar. But this is Los Angeles, California in 2007, and that's just what Red Mango did for a hundred or so people last night. Yes, we attended, but only because we're a whore for open bars. The store on Weyland Weyburn in Westwood Village opened on Tuesday. Here are the quick facts of what we learned:
· Red Mango yogurt is creamier than Pinkberry
· The CEO of the company is only 31
· Koreans and scruffy faced, spikey haired westsiders love frozen yogurt
· Next stores in Las Vegas and San Diego
· Next LA metro store, possibly in Culver City
· No "secret" menu
· Red Mango is real yogurt, "not prepared in some backroom like Pinkberry."