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EaterTastings: More Mozza Madness

The superchefs have finally landed in LA, with two major openings this week. We've already threatened, cajoled and pleaded with our little sister to take us along for one of them. Suck on that, Colicchio.

1) Hollywood: We thought getting a reservation at Pizzeria Mozza was near impossible. But that was just the dress rehearsal. Osteria Mozza is open and good luck getting in. If you can finally make it through the reservation line, be prepared to make a res for exactly 30 days out. What's on the menu? Damned if we know.

2) Century City: Batali isn't the only NY-based celebrity chef opening a high profile restaurant this week. Welcome to the fold, Tom.

3) Beverly Hills: Apparently the Beverly Hills Hotel can't leave well enough alone. We like the Pink Palace. If it ain't broke...Oh well. The hotel tries to go hip with the opening of NINETEEN12. Whatevs.

4) Santa Monica: Martinis? So over. It's all about the gastropub.

5) Santa Monica and Westwood: It's also a good week for sweet tooths. We don't have one. We like everything BITTER. But for those of you who like the sweet stuff, Vanilla Bake Shop and Red Mango both opened this week.