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"The Last New Freeway" in SoCal Readies to Open

Sound the bugles. The long awaited 210 Freeway extension connecting parts unknown to Fontana should be opening up any day now. With the opening of the extension, expect more people to flock to the area, followed by cruddy stucco houses packed tightly together and an Olive Garden at every corner. From the Daily Bulletin:

After the latest portion of the freeway opened between La Verne and Fontana in November 2002, Inland Valley foothill cities saw the completed sections through their areas spark a boom in new high-quality development. Rialto and San Bernardino expect to reap the benefits next.

The freeway also should take a good deal of pressure off the 10 Freeway, which resembles a parking lot during rush hours.

The soon-to-be-opened freeway extension will feature three lanes plus a car-pool lane in each direction.

The San Bernardino Associated Governments says that the opening of the freeway, now just weeks away, will be celebrated in some exciting manner. Perhaps with a never ending bowl of pasta at one of those new Olive Gardens.
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