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Pacific Theatres Public Relations Team Would Rather You Get ArcLight Sherman Oaks Renderings Via Crappy Cell Phone Pic

[Crappy cell phone pic of ArcLight Sherman Oaks on Flickr]

For being such a heavy hitter in the red-carpet film biz, you'd think ArcLight Cinemas wouldn't be so camera-shy. But they've been known to discourage a photographer or two from shooting their "departure board" above the box office at ArcLight Hollywood (nice grab, Mickipedia), and now they're being downright dickish elusive about the upcoming ArcLight Sherman Oaks:

I am on the public relations team for Pacific Theatres and ArcLight Cinemas. I was forwarded your request for the renderings of the new ArcLight in Sherman Oaks. Unfortunately, at this time, we can't release them to you. However, I will keep you posted closer to the theatre's opening. Thank you for your interest in Pacific Theatres and ArcLight. Can't? Or won't? They've already posted renderings on an easel inside Pacific Theatres Sherman Oaks Galleria. (Where we took the crooked, fuzzy shot above.) And a staffer there freely explained it'll be almost the same as ArcLight Hollywood, except the bar will overlook the 405 instead of 24 Hour Fitness. Want to sneak a better peek at these renderings? Buy a movie ticket. Get a job there. Just don't ask the public relations team.
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