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No Valet On This Corner

Is La Cienega and San Vicente the nexus of the Universe? Despite the tony surrounding neighborhood (sorta), it seems to be the nexus of abandoned vehicles. To wit - a recent reader email with accompanying pictures:

This is one of those things I have been wanting to send you for a long time but of the one trillion times I have driven by this sight... I never have my camera. Until two weeks ago, by luck, I had it! I don't know if this is something left over in the old spanish rancho deeds...but when did La Cienega and San Vicente become the...dump-my-clunker-because-no one cares..corner? At any given time there is usually some yucky 81 mercedes (which I'm sure still smells of flowery aftershave), some american car or truck with a flat tire. Often a two tone VW van where the rust has a hard time being distinguised from the orange paint, a super stretch hummer limo ..and
finally a big ass RV which is so NOT the neighborhood.

How? Why?

My best guess is no city official even knows if that block is even in their city.

I say that because I had a friend have a run in with a fire plug in front of the Hard Rock and WEHO fire, LA Fire and BH fire all looked at each other and said, "Who's is this?" The water went on the roof of the restaurant for an hour.

photos of said corner---by the way while I took the photo, I watched a guy move the other stretched hummer limo and park his SUV in the spot.