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CurbedWire: Marissa's Colorist Drops A Dime

[image via flickr user toastycakes]

DOWNTOWN - We know the lot of you have been clamoring for news on when you all can move in to the Ritz Carlton Residences at LA Live. Hold yer horses. Curbed co-editor Marissa just called on the Curbed HotLine to report that her colorist overheard some rich people talking about buying at the Ritz. The ultra-pricey residences will have a monthly HOA fee of $1,900. Yes, that's in addition to your purchase price in excess of $2 million. [Curbed HotLine]

UNIVERSITY PARK - More dime dropping. Tomorrow, the Felix the Cat sign across from USC will have a hearing to determine its worthiness for historic preservation. A reader writes: "The City's Cultural Heritage Commission is hearing the application to declare the iconic Felix Chevrolet dealership on Figueroa a Historic Cultural Landmark tomorrow. Word has it that the council office (9, Jan Parks) is opposed to the nomination, as is the property owner. The owner likely has his sights on developing the property a la the University Gateway project. " The viewfromaloft blog has more on this matter with info on how you can save the sign. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA - A reader writes in asking us to help save the NuWilshire Theater which is under threat of being torn down. Really? Curbed co-editor Marissa wasn't convinced, so she emailed Mark Cuban (owner of Landmark Theaters) earlier today for confirmation.
Here's the text of said email (certain portions edited for brevity sake):

"hi mark, I know you receive a ton of email and this is a minor request, but in my spare time I'm the co-editor of the LA-based real estate and architecture blog curbed la ( we received a tip today that the landmark-owned nuwilshire was going to be torn down. I've tried to call the theater to confirm this but couldnt get thru to a human. I've also tried to contact the LA conservancy but hit a wall there too. is there someone at landmark I can speak with to confirm the plans for the nuwilshire? we'd rather get the story from someone there rather than post rumor and conjecture. although we do plenty of that too."

And Mark Cuban's reply: "thats news to me thanks,


Fantastic. Thank you, Mr. Cuban. [CurbedWire Inbox/HotLine]