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Rick Wallace: Super Broker With Five Lives

Broker Rick Wallace is quite keen about himself. And why not? Look at the list of accomplishments on his web site. But a few sticklers--does being a Lakers ticket-holder or living on a Malibu beach qualify as an accomplishment? Mussels live on the beach, but you don't see them bragging about it. Still, we are impressed with Mr. Wallace. Just a few things to know about him:

-- Kept a daily journal since 1972
---Broken a Guinness Book World Record (for longest letter written, never published)
-- Stood alongside the Pope and the Queen of England
---Traveled to 28 nations including two trips around the globe, and every continent except Australia and Antartica, including cruises throughout Alaska and the Amazon River
-- Visited all 50 states extensively, all 50 state capitols and every notable USA landmark
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