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Rumblings & Bumblings: Can you still paddle if they drain Echo Park Lake?

Here we go again. After a breather last week, we are back with a stackload of questions from concerned citizens just like you. We demand answers, damn it! So please, if you know an answer to a question feel free to email us at or leave a comment. Answers on Thursday.

[Echo Park from above via flickr user Echo 29]

1) Hollywood: "What's going on with the Kor group Broadway Lofts. It seems like years since they started that project. The website says Jan 2007 and says most of them are sold. It seems awfully slow, must be 2+ years those have in construction. Any news?"

2) Los Angeles: The housing inspectors seem to be making the rounds. Careful everyone! "The housing inspector is coming to visit the apartment building I live in. Do you are any of your minions have a list of possible violations that he will be looking for? My landlord is pretty decent, but seems to view the inspector as her mortal enemy."

3) Echo Park: Maybe Echo Park will get some luxury lofts, hehe... "I saw that the Jensen Rec Center in Echo Park was sold to Prana Investments. I assume since it's a landmark, they can't change much, but are there any changes in the works?"

4) Hollywood: The swell reader who tipped us off about the Franklin/Cahuenga gas station situation has a question, not about a gas station. "there was an Acapulco restaurant at Sycamore and Sunset (La Brea and Sunset) that has been there for years,,,it is now shuttered and fenced and a company called the Quintessential Group is now taking over the liquor license,,,,,, and the building. Any dirt?"

5) Echo Park: Dakota has some excellent footage of Garcetti paddling around Echo Park Lake yesterday. She may post it later. Apparently, the paddle boats are staying. Still, a reader queries: "I've been hearing rumors that Echo Park Lake is going to be closed for a year, drained and refilled, and perhaps the area around it re-landscaped. And that the paddleboats will be removed. It sounded like an unlikely story, but I drove by it tonight [actually last week - ed.] and sure enough, there were brand new chain-link fences up all around the northern end of the lake, where all the picnic tables are. And there were big new "No Vending in Public Areas" signs up... perhaps directed at people selling helotes and snow cones and hot dogs? I sure hope things aren't headed that way... I love walking around the lake and getting snacks from the vendors, and the whole community vibe that goes on there. Are they going to shut it down for a while and gentrify it, and kill all the local character?"

If we missed your question this week, please email it to us again. We lose things all the time.