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Storefronting: We Give Up. You Win, Yogurt

WESTWOOD - As our sister site, Eater LA, mentions, tonight is the grand opening of Red Mango. The Red Mango people will spare no expense to kill the Pinkenberry monster. "In celebration of Red Mango's Los Angeles debut, Angelenos will be treated to FREE FROZEN YOGURT, FREE VALET PARKING, music, celebrity appearances, gift bags, prizes...and more! An expert in nutrition will also be on hand to answer any questions regarding health, diet, benefits of yogurt, etc." Free yogurt should be filling the mouths of early birds as we type. The opening runs from 4 to 10pm, 10942 Weyburn Avenue in Westwood.

HOLLYWOOD - A reader passes on a word of another new Pinkberry location in Hollywood. "Haven't seen this mentioned, but there's Pinkberry signage on an unfinished commercial building on the SE corner of Sunset and Fuller - just a block away from the not-so-recently shuttered Roman's (any idea why it was closed?). Earlier rumors had a Starbucks in there, but there was no signage. The Ralphs across the street was remodeled, and now boasts a Coffee Bean inside. The nearest Pinkberries are Melrose/La Brea and the upcoming Hollywood/Vine (or is it Hollywood/Highland?). The area all around this location has mostly been Russians. However, landlords have been busy demolishing buildings and putting up new condos, or kicking out rent-control era tenants, and bringing in $1500/month 1-bd/1ba renters."