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Playtime for Frank Gehry

We're going to assume Ephraim Owen Goldberg Frank Gehry will not be wearing his new T-shirt to his latest project. Frank's already designed buildings, furniture, jewelry, and a treehouse (albeit in the PBS cartoon Arthur the Aardvark). What is left? A children's playground, of course. Gehry's been tapped to design a $4 million playground in New York's Battery Park. Perhaps Gehry' has actually felt the sting of criticism for his Atlantic Yards project, which his former friend Martin Filler at H&G has said would "ruin a racially and economically diverse neighborhood of a sort almost extinct in today’s money-mad metropolis." Could this be Gehry's architectural mea culpa? Will it be clad in titanium? Will the sidewalk reach temperatures of 140 degrees? Not likely. Gehry's going green: the "play space...will feature a "green" comfort station with a green roof and vegetal walls." That reminds us - all this talk of Gehry and parks. What's up with the plans for the park in the Grand Ave project? Its been months since we've had an update.
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