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Supermarker Roundabout: Tesco Manhattan Beach Revealed!

[What does this image have to do with the post? Not much, but we drank a bottle of wine at lunch and find it funny.]

Oh goody! Our favorite way to end the week - with more Tesco news! A reader writes in to let us know the mysterious location of the Manhattan Beach location - a neighborhood that already suffers from an embarrassment of supermarket riches:

A few weeks (months?) ago there was a posting on Curbed about Tesco/Fresh & Easy considering a location in Manhattan Beach. Nobody could figure out where it would go because there is no vacant retail space, and there is a Bristol Farms, Traders Joe’s, and Whole Foods within blocks of the location indicated. Here’s clarification, courtesy The Beach Reporter. [Brackets] are mine:

"Fresh and Easy
The English supermarket chain Tesco plans to open a Fresh and Easy supermarket at 1700 Rosecrans Ave. where the Office Depot is now. The office superstore plans to reduce its size and relocate to the rear of the building.

The City Council agreed with staff's recommendation that a 'public convenience and necessity would be served by the issuance of a beer, wine and distilled spirits license at that location.' The supermarket was described by [Manhattan Beach Mayor Nick] Tell as a cross between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods."

Interesting to note that Nick Tell described it as a cross between Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, when it will be located exactly between Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (in fact, it will share a parking lot with Trader Joe’s). Also interesting that the City Council considers a liquor license not only a public convenience, but a necessity. All those USC alums (myself included) still love to booze.

Hmm, we can see the parking lot battles already: TJ vs. F&E carts playing chicken across the aisles.