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EaterTastings: Because Friday is the New Friday

It's Friday! And while we sat on our patio drinking a lovely bottle of Rosé, we thought - Hey! We've gotta post our EaterTastings because you need your weekly dose of Pinkberry news. Eff Pinkberry. We're on Team Red Mango.

1) Red Mango (the fro-yo OG) prepares for battle with Pinkberry (the faux? fro-yo johnny-come-lately) in the global yogurt wars.

2) You have one month left for great views and uninspired fare at Windows before it closes to make room for luxury office penthouse suites. At 32 floors up, does it really matter what the steak tastes like?

3) Shereen Arazm is starting to kick all the boys' asses, at least when it comes to opening hot Hollywood clubs/restaurants/lounges. The former Tommy Lee-owned Rokbar is being taken over by Shereen and turned into Crush. Maybe it will open by the time Lindsay gets out of rehab?

4) Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, we don't know why would expect more from a celebutard who dated her, but Harry Morton's Pink Taco pr stunt is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Way to class up the joint, Harry.

5) The gay Denny's, Hugo's, is having a rough time of it lately. The DOH shut it down not once, but twice, then it closed for renovations, and last Sunday, FIRE. Despite lots of smoke, Hugo's caught a break and the fire caused minimal damage. The place will still be shuttered for Gay Pride this weekend, but will should reopen June 21st.

6) Is Tom Colicchio just playing with us or will Craft finally open July 12? Craigslist ads for FOH and BOH say yes.