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CurbedWire: Curbing Bad Behavior

[South LA fast food locales via]

SOUTH LA - The City Council has introduced a motion (on 5/25) to prohibit new fast food restaurants from opening up on any major roadway in large swaths of South LA including Leimert Park, West Adams, Watts and Jefferson Park. The Council's one-year interim control ordinance would ban the McDonald's, KFC's and Burger Kings of the world on the basis that they make people unhealthy, are "magnets for juvenile delinquency", and they intensify "socio-economic problems." A very unhappy meal, indeed. [City of LA]

LOS ANGELES - Hold those Oats! The Federal Trade Commission is trying to block Whole Foods' acquisition of Wild Oats. The FTC says if the food retailers combine, it may take a two income family to afford the fresh fare that we currently refer to as "whole paycheck." Prices, quality and selection are the stumbling blocks. [MSNBC]

FULLERTON - The OC Register reports that Fullerton has put an emergency moratorium on new liquor licenses in the downtown area due to out of control drunkenness. A 45-day moratorium will somehow allow officials time to figure out how to make the kids behave. A rash of "mounting crime, overcrowding, assaults and violence" is behind the action. [OC Register]