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Gehry Taunts Ladies At Gym

Yes, Frank Gehry actually wears the above t-shirt, which is sold by that New York guy who became famous a few years back for selling t-shirts that read "F-ck Yoga."

New Yorker interview excerpt: "Somebody sent [the shirt] to me,” Gehry said the other day, over the telephone, “and I thought it must have been the people in Brooklyn who are sort of angry. But then I thought, well, it must be loving, too. So I decided it was funny, and I put it on. And I wore it to the office, and everybody got a kick out of that, and then I wore it to the gym”—Gehry lifts weights at a Gold’s in Venice Beach—“and everybody got a kick out of that. The tough gals at the gym said, ‘If it’s an offer, you better be able to deliver, Mr. Gehry.’"
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