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Supermarket Roundabout: Double Exposure

Tesco's Fresh & Easy garners double the coverage (not double the fun) today by both the New York Times and our very own LA Times. The New York Times article highlights the strategy of entry, avoiding pitfalls of competitors like Wal-Mart and customizing the offerings to the local market.

Fresh and Easy will be based on the company's Tesco Express or Metro stores in Britain, though with a local twist that Tesco prides itself on using in international markets. The company will not yet say what that twist will be in the United States, though the stores will be geared toward southwestern American sensibilities, offering a “fresh&easy” line of branded products free of trans fats, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

The LA Times article pretty much says the same thing, except they identify the secret location of the F&E test store as being in a Hawthorne warehouse. They also speak with other supermarket chains and look at the potential damage the F&E's may do to rivals Albertson's, Ralph's and Vons. Cheaper food prices are promised. And shopkeepers with charming Cockney accents. And teeth rotting sweets. Oh, what dreams we have.
· British Grocer Set to Dip Toe in U.S. Market [NY Times]
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