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Chapman Flats: So Civilized

A reader tips us off to the news that Chapman Flats is gearing up for its big sales event kick-off on June 16th. Here is the price run-down: $309,000 for a 775-square-foot studio to $620,000 for a 950-square-foot one bedroom. There's also a fancy 1,310-square-foot penthouse for around $800,000. According to the sales rep who answered the phone, 80 percent of the units are under $500,000. Yes, prices are cheaper given the building's location on Broadway and 8th (not such a developed area, no). How's interest so far? About 200 people came to the open house last weekend, the rep reports. P.S. We did warn Chapman that their use of the pansy British word "flats" is going to get them beat up on the Downtown school yard.
· Chapman Flats [Official Site]