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More Venice Fighting

Hmm, why don't we have sympathy for all these problems in Venice? A reader reports about tonight's West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission meeting that'll discuss the above building, which has gotten in trouble for being four feet higher than it was supposed to be. Writes our mole: "Well, the applicant claims the exception should be granted because: it's unfair they were caught, it's already built, it's a cool "green building," and it would be expensive to fix their mistake. The neighborhood council stated they would support the project for a payoff of $500,000, which they put in writing. Are exceptions for sale? The applicant claims he is bankrupt because of the delays on this project, although records show he just purchased and entitled another project in Venice, 373 Rose, just two weeks ago. Expect the full Venice circus to come out for this one tonight and as it is appealed to City Council."
All the pertinent documents surrounding this building can be found on the Venice Neighborhood Council web site.
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