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Venice Paper Pissed

(Photo magic via Venice Unchained)

There is nothing scarier than an angry Venice Paper, believe us. And this edition is particularly angry. The first chain store, Pinkberry, has come to Abbott Kinney and the paper is pissed. So are residents. The newspaper publishes a letter--written by a local resident-- to the owner of the building housing the Pinkberry, and apparently the paper is also going to get involved. "Almost everyone has asked VenicePaper to take action on this issue. We are, we will. But as we’re working on solutions, here’s a letter we were sent last week." Jeezum, what's Venice Paper going to do? Put down pen, reach for sword? Also, Starbucks is not coming to the hood, notes the paper.
· This Ain't No Disco--Venice Ain't Loving That Chain Story Feeling [Venice Paper]