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Rumblings & Bumblings: Lots of Lots

Did we ever answer last week's questions? Probably not. In answer to last week questions, responses were few. The general answers are: 1. We don't know. We will investigate further; 2. It's VA LAND, could be a park. But more likely will remain undeveloped for generations to come. We will investigate further. AND for this week, we have questions that seriously need user input. Please email us at or leave a comment.

1) South Robertson: That spot across from Helios House needs some development lovin'. "Do you know what’s going on with the vacant lot on the SW corner of Robertson & Olympic? I heard it was once a gas station, but now sits as a vacant concrete lot surrounded by a chain-link fence. Not a pretty site to sit next to the new Helios gas station."

2) Mid-City: And another vacant lot! Somebody needs to investigate this epidemic. "What's the deal with the vacant lot at the northwest corner of Venice and Arlington in Mid-City? This may have been the subject of a previous R&B post--I can't quite remember."

3) Woodland Hills: Groceries spilling out all over Woodland Hills. "can you shed any light on the rumor that trader joe's and 99 ranch are coming to the shopping center at the corner of ventura and topanga canyon? and while i'm asking, maybe you can uncover why there are so many sketchy folks and panhandlers hanging out in that parking lot at all hours. in the past year i've seen no less than 3 separate van-side public pooping incidents there."

Answers Thurrrsday. Pffft.