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Celeb Round-Up: Malibu for Sale

"Titanic" director James Cameron has listed 730 acres of Malibu ranchland for nearly $25 million. According to the LA Times, Cameron originally intended "to create a ranch or a family sanctuary that he planned to call "Tranquility Base."' Apparently, Cameron has changed his mind about that tranquility approach and is selling the land. Listing is here. What are the zoning laws for that property, wonders Curbed.
· A titanic swath up for grabs [LA Times]

Nice return! Famous manager Sandy Gallin just sold his Beverly Hills home for $20 million after buying it two years ago for $5.5 million. According to the Times, this is the 40th house that Gallin has either refurbished or built.
· $20 million for Project No. 40 [LA Times]

Also in the Times: The Johnny Mercer estate in Palm Springs is on market for $2.315 million. Luxist digs up the listing and posts it here.

Actor Giovanni Ribisi is buying a condominium in Silver Lake, according to the Real Estalker. The two-bedroom unit is in a new (ED: crappy) townhouse complex off Silver Lake Boulevard. The unit was listed at $675,000.
· Your Mama Hears... [Real Estalker]