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Dating Don't: Mixing Romance and Real Estate

Hiking at Runyon? Boring. Picnic at the beach? So cliche. Drinks downtown? Puh-lease. One of the hapless daters at Nerve wants to kick it up a notch for first-date creativity. Hoping to impress his potential paramour, he decides faux-house hunting for their perfect dream house might be the best way to a lady's heart. And how does it go as a first date?

I curse myself for such a stupid idea. Why not just take my first date to a maternity ward? Or better yet, a funeral home to go mock coffin shopping? That might have been less awkward.Yet, despite trying to navigate two of the most perplexing, complicated worlds LA has to offer: dating and real estate, our hero scores a second date.
· Weird Date: House Hunting [Nerve]