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EaterTastings: Monday is the New Friday

We're a little behind posting our weekly check-ins with our prettier, more talented little sister. Fortunately, she's too busy making googly eyes with the NY Times to notice. Note to NYT: You are at least 4 years late reporting on the LA cupcake craze. There, that felt better.

1) We always thought May was the loveliest month. All those season cliffhangers! But now our Tivos are empty and we don't know what to do with ourselves. Fortunately, there's a full roster of food-related reality TV debuting this month. Quick - everyone take a shot every time Gordon Ramsay makes a contestant cry!

2) The new W Hotel's first lawsuit! Daddy's owner Craig Trager is suing the Community Redevelopment Agency for $1.1 million in lost revenue after the bar was demolished a few weeks ago. Ah, Daddy's. We have such fond memories of that place, especially trying to convince friends it wasn't a gay leather bar. Especially given our penchant for frequenting gay leather bars.

3) Hooray for Hollywood. It seems like every new restaurant opening in LA is opening within a 5-minute walk of the Caheunga corridor hub. Upcoming restaurants and bars include yet another Katsuya (again designed by Philippe Starck); another Sutton-Suaya collaboration, Goa; Kitchen 24, open 24 hours, natch; some whiskey lounge thing; and Delancey and Mission, both owned by the same peeps as the Bowery on Sunset. And if the interiors begin to look the same after a while, that's because one man is designing almost all of them, Spacecraft's Kristofer Keith.

4) The last time the "fourth wall" was broken there was some heckling at the Laugh Factory that resulted in a washed up sitcom actor saying some very impolite things about black people. So let's hope this goes a little better.

5) And finally, a thank you to our guest editor at Eater LA, who did a fine job of filling our sister's shoes for the week. We owe you a whiskey.