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CurbedWire: Developments

[Clarett Group's Blvd6200 project]

UNDERGROUND LA - Thank God for that fare hike, heh? A reader sends us linkage to the Times, wherein we learn that just yesterday the MTA Board of Directors used there new found money to call for a "$3.6-million feasibility study of the much-discussed extension of the Wilshire Boulevard subway." Subway to the Sea moves on! Sorry bus riders. [CurbedWire Inbox/LA Times]

DOWNTOWN - The never-discussed project barely known as LA Central is getting a formal hearing today, reports a reader. Unfortunately we had a conference call with a lawyer who charges by the minute so we couldn't make it. "Just a heads up, the public hearing for the LA Central development (across from Staples--the one that IS getting a Whole Foods, ahem) will be (Friday) at 11:00 in City Hall on the 10th Floor. There will probably be lots of shiney exhibits and probably some people complaining about alcohol. Please go and take pictures or steal an exhibit or something so that I never again have to look at goatse again." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD - We were at a Planning and Land Use hearing this week where the Pantages redevelopment project by Clarett Group was approved. Everyone, and we mean everyone, came out to support it, except one cranky NIMBY. That being said, a reader wonders if the rest of the area, just west, is due for some developer love. "Walked around before a "Wicked" performance and was dismayed that the real estate between Vine and to about Musso and Frank continues to be so taudry. Will there ever be an effort to re-hab the old Pacific (Warners) Theater? I would think it would be a good anchor to get further activity going." [CurbedWire Inbox]