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Storefronting Special: iPhones and H&M

[images via flickr user Nick Humphries]

RIVERSIDE - We'll believe it when we see it, which is never because people in the Inland Empire are hostile towards us, so we'll never go. However, an IE reader writes in with deets of an H&M, 909 style.

I know the Valley of the Dirt People is more or less out of your jurisdiction, but I thought this may be of interest.

Despite an utter lack of any fanfare (Riverside's The Press-Enterprise squawked with upscale joy for months when P.F. Chang's and the Cheesecake Factory opened here), a somewhat massive - looking like up to 15,000 sqft., portion of the lower level of the Galleria at Tyler has been vacated and temporarily walled-off, for several weeks just a long stretch of blank white drywall near the now-vacant Macy's building.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a small unassuming sign went up, reading "H&M: Coming Fall 2007. Now Hiring."...

I've read or heard virtually nothing about this, which I considered strange, considering that I follow retail developments here in Riverside rather obsessively.

I was just wondering if anyone at Curbed LA had any knowledge, or thought, or... I don't know, anything, concerning what doesn't really seem to fit H&M's pandering to upscale markets. Btw, "Valley of the Dirt People" sounds so much better than Inland Empire. You deserve an H&M. LOS ANGELES - iPhone mania has swept up normal people all over LA. We've been chained to our desk all day, however reports of lines and excitement and frustration and heat abound on the internet.
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