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Thursday Morning Thinkage

A reader writes in with a question we frequently ask ourselves. "Hey, that workforce housing sounds alright. How do we get a piece of that." Unfortunately, it seems that the lack of affordable for-sale housing is non-existent for those of us too rich to be poor but too poor to be rich. A reader queries:

Dear CurbedLA, I hear a lot about affordable housing for rent. I am always eager to see more affordable rental units in Los Angeles, especially in mixed income developments. What I'm curious about is what I hear less about: workforce housing. Supposedly these are condos for sale (mostly to first time home buyers) whose income is in the $50-80,000 range. Plenty to afford renting, but a far cry from being able to buy. This describes my situation.

How much of this kind of housing is being built and how does a poor chap like myself hear about it so I can apply?

Your feedback is appreciated.