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What's Next, Hong Kong Hustler Club?

Have a fetish for silicone? And Asian chicks? Best of both worlds:

The 40,000-square-foot Playboy Mansion Macau, scheduled to open in late 2009, will give Hefner's company a key foothold in China...

The Playboy Mansion Macau, styled after the original Playboy Mansion in the US [editor's note: you know, the famous one in Los Angeles], will follow the company's planned opening of a club at the Palms Resort in Las Vegas in October.

Christie Hefner [editor's note: you know, the head of a company with at least five LA entities] declined to say how much the new mansion will cost.

Bonus China-taking-over-the-world trivia: "As the only place on Chinese soil where gambling is legal, Macau... overtook the Las Vegas strip in gaming revenue last year."
· Hefner to bring Playboy Mansion to China in 2009 [AP]