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Park Fifth Explained

A partial transcript of an interview with David Houk, the dude behind the Park Fifth project, is now online at The Planning Report. If we weren't so cheap we would probably subscribe to TPR, but we're very, very cheap. In the blurb available for poor people to read, Mr. Houk answers a question about the building's height.

The news is out that your Park Fifth mixed-use development project may include one of the tallest residential towers in the Western United States, to be built on the edge of Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles. What are your aspirations for Park Fifth? First of all, to clarify the “tallest” issue: we are building a 76-story residential tower. The floor to ceiling height of a residential tower is dramatically different than an office building. While the number of floors seems like a lot, the actual height is slightly taller than the Gas Company tower. It’s nowhere near the size of the U.S. Bank tower.

We are planning, to the best of our knowledge, the tallest residential tower west of Chicago, but not the tallest building. Park Fifth will have two towers, 76 stories and 43 stories, including 735 condominiums and 218 five-star hotel rooms, plus ground-floor retail. That’s the project’s general description.

If you want to read the rest of the story, and you're not a subscriber, it will cost you $8. Yes, $8 dollars American. Also, the Park Fifth project web site has been updated to include some music and pictures of future people enjoying life at Park Fifth.
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