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Get To Know Your Neighborhood Graffiti Artist

They call themselves "writers." So do half the beardos bogarting wi-fi at Swork. But people actually read what these guys write. People have to. It's all over LA's walls, awnings, freeways and, amazingly, shrubbery. The best of them - if they avoid probation, incarceration and disapproving glances from their stepmothers - get profiled at 50mm Los Angeles:

Now-a-days when you think of the LA graff scene a few names and crews automatically come to mind. And it's cool and all cuz LA gets repped hard and gets repped globally but there was a time before them kats and even the 90's... A member of one of the OG crews in LA, K2S (Kill To Succeed) Prime, always sought out to innovate the scene with style and color-schemes.... I sat down with this trailblazing artist over some Strawberry Frappucinos.... The fruit-flavored 6,000-word Q&A (conducted by "Lee Majors," transcribed by "Lady Godiva") covers notable K2S Prime works from Belmont Tunnel and the East LA Occupational Center. Other profiles introduce us to Panic, known in Eagle Rock and Glendale, and SERCH, the artist behind some must-see slap-tags in Hollywood.
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