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Eichler Quick Flip in Granada Hills

Some people just don't get it. In a market like this, where house flippers are shunned, prices are dropping, and anything but complete and utter reverence for a mid-mod home is akin to heresy, it's hard to believe what's happening in Granada Hills. Some damn fool has flipped his Eichler after only four months of ownership and nary an improvement to be seen. Of course the posters at the Lotta Living forum are mid-moderately pissed. Via commenter super.naive:

"I saw this place before the open house and I can tell you it was going to need *A LOT* of work. And yes, it did sell just a few months back (February of this year) for $100K less than asking. What little was done to it when I was there was pretty shoddy - i.e. paint slapped on, giant hole cut into the wall to accommodate an air conditioner which didn't fit properly so there were gaps all around the edges... it really isn't worth the asking price, it's worth about what it was originally sold for. That said, I do think it had the original and blissfully unmolested teak closet doors in the hall, so at least there's that." Teak closet doors notwithstanding, the home sold for $660,000 in February. It was previously featured on Curbed in November 2006, with a $720,000 asking price. Maybe somebody should offer $660k and see what happens.
What/Where: Eichler built Single Family Home, Granada Hills
Sq. Footage: 2,364 SF home on 12,300 SF lot
Retail Price: $780,000
· 17000 Lisette St, Granada Hills 91344 [Movoto]
· Granada Hills, CA - Eichler from 1963 [Lotta Living]