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CurbedWire: Was That A Tank Or Another Bruce Willis Film?

[Image of the Edison courtesy of]

WEST LA - Are we so bored with starting wars in other countries that we're now gearing up to attack...the 405? A reader writes in to ask if anyone noticed what looked like the real deal, rather than another film shoot: "Anyone see the tank rolling South on the 405 freeway last night? I was headed North (9:30pm ish) and saw two police/CHP cruisers chasing a short-barreled tank going South, just North of the Burbank Blvd exit. There was no film crew and no escort, but the traffic behind the cops wasn't trying to pass. Looked real." [CurbedWire Inbox]

BEVERLYGROVE - There are no construction sites unexplored by Blackburn and Sweetzer. At least, none actually ON Blackburn. The blog chats with a construction worker who tells her the new condos will be four levels with seven units. No info yet on completion, architect, or pricing. [Blackburn and Sweetzer]

DOWNTOWN - We covered the opening of the Edison ad nauseum (even though our invite got lost in the mail. *cough*cough*). But eecue alerted us to his HDR photos of the Edison during off-hours. HDR is apparently High Dynamic Range imaging, or so the geeks at Wikipedia tell us. A useful bit of information, since that place is DARK. Like, boiler room dark. Basement dark. Suburban sex dungeon dark (or so we imagine). eecue's photos lets us see the nuances of the giant furnace/lounge. Hot. []