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Our Favorite Crazy Bradley Videos

Glassell Park Neighborhood Council chairman Bradley is all at once the Madonna and the Cher of LA neighborhood politics. Unlike his eccentric single-named musical counterparts, however, we're not sure what Bradley gains from all his public posturing and shenanigans, increasingly posted to YouTube since his dressing-down of a videographer at a May GPNC meeting.

[June 11, 2007: Bradley paces the room, ignores questions, stands with his genitals perilously close to the back of a woman's head]

[June 5, 2007: Bradley puts on glasses, explains radius maps, refuses to return some paperwork]

[June 5, 2007: Bradley commends self for "outreach"]

[May 15, 2007: The original and still the best, Bradley gets tangled with the Brown Act and one bad-ass citizen videographer]

· GPNC: A Civics Lesson Caught on YouTube [Curbed LA]