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On the Market: Bring Your Imagination - And Your Dozer!

One of Redfin's most fun-to-browse features is the five least expensive homes in Southern California. And by "home," in this case, they mean 80-year-old pile of charred rubble still standing in the way of your hopes and dreams.

Developer's Dream! House is still standing but was gutted by fire when vacant. Property is chain-link fenced. Sold 'As Is, In Current Present Physical Condition.' Bring your imagination and your 'dozer! Back in 1925 the property was envisioned as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom single-family residence. But who knows, David Beckham, perhaps this could become your stylin' post-locker room crash pad!
What/Where: Fenced-off Fire Scene, Compton
Sq. Footage: 582 SF "house" on 4,000 SF lot
Retail Price: $190,000
· 729 W 139TH ST, COMPTON, CA 90222 [RedFin]