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Rumblings & Bumblings: Do You Still Love Us?

[Image of Million Dollar Theater by flickr user Mr.Littlehand]

Usually Curbed co-editor Josh handles our weekly R&B, but he mumbled something about "meetings" and "work" and a few other terms we're kind of unfamiliar with, then he slathered on sunblock and strutted around Curbed HQ in his banana hammock. So this week we're handling your burning questions. Got a few more? Know the answer? Let us know.

1) Hollywood: A "green" upgrade? A new club? A reader wants to know what's going on with the Hollywood Shell station: "Do you have any information on what's happening at the southeast corner of Franklin and Cahuenga in Hollywood? The Shell gas station, which was recently remodeled, is now boarded up and fenced off."

2) Venice: One man's art is another man's eyesore. "Do you know anything about the orange tile mural which seems to be an integral part of one of the new modern cubes on Abbot Kinney? It's on the south side of the street on an otherwise decent new building and looks like a four year old's interpretive sketch of his recent trip through Disneyland's 'It's a Small World.' Is it permanent? Is it a joke that will soon be removed?"

3) Downtown: A reader wants to know "what the plans are for the million dollar theater in downtown LA?" Apparently he's too lazy to call the giant number posted on the marquee. But we were not, as we drove by this afternoon. Now you'll just have to wait until Thursday for the answer.

4) Venice/Marina del Rey: A reader with a thing for Ye Olde English sends in this one: Dear Kind Sirs, Perhaps you could speak of the mysterious developments along Lincoln Boulevard in the townships of Marina del Rey and Venice. One such development is just south of Washington Boulevard, situated between Alejo's Trattoria and Del Taco. It is currently obscured from view by a wooded palisade, but was once the site of a Chinese fishmonger and a dental office. Above this palisade, I espied two newly constructed facades from which I can only surmise is a defensive wall to repel any invaders. A few leagues to the north on Lincoln (just north of Venice Boulevard) some newfangled construction is occurring adjacent to the youth hostel. There are strange angled walls rising from this former burnt out site. Pray tell what these edifices may be. Your humble suppliant."

5) Mid-city: We think this is still considered mid-city. We're not quite sure. Anyway, a reader asks "I know that the NE corner [of Whitworth and La Cienega] is going to be a 2 story minimall/office center. What's up across Whitworth? They've gutted the building and I think the construction guy said they're taking it down, but he didn't have any idea what the final outcome was to be for the property."

6) Los Angeles: And finally, from one of our loyal readers and frequent commenter, John comes this mindbender. "Dude, how did this blog get so boring all of a sudden? Usually it's interesting and fun, but the past week or two it's been completely tedious. I guess that's my question for the week." Thank you, John, for your constructive criticism. But we have a hard time understanding what kind of man finds CATS DRIVING CARS and NAKED OLD MEN "tedious". Clearly we have to step it up a notch. Goatse, anyone? [Warning: Extremely NSFW. And completely gross, too].

Send us your answers, your haiku, and your outraged responses to dear old Goatse here.