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Raising the Roof in Santa Monica

(Photo courtesy of Lookout News)

Last week, the Santa Monica Planning Commission decided they liked the proposed remodel of Santa Monica Place, a design that rips the roof and doors off the mall and joins it with the Third Street Promenade. Planning Commissioner Darrell Clarke and pretty much everyone else are doing cartwheels over the new roofless design, according to Lookout News. “I like the overall configuration,” he told the paper. “I like how it opens up. I like the curves. I think it’s gorgeous."

Renderings of the Palm Plaza and the outdoor dining area aka the third floor food court available in the story. Some people worry that the chilly sea wind will discourage people from going to the food court and enjoying a chili dog, but the paper notes a wind consultant was hired on the project. Gotta make people comfortable.
· Planning Commission Gives Mall Remodel Enthusiastic Thumbs Up [Lookout News]