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CurbedWire: Trash Finds a Home

DOWNTOWN - Well, hello lucky Downtowners. You're about to get a new neighbor reports a radio listening reader. "This morning on 97.1 with adam corolla, danny bondaduce (who is in the middle of a divorce) said he has been looking at hundreds of condos in downtown la with his agent." [CurbedWire inbox]

LOS ANGELES - In unrelated news, urbanist pranksters Heavy Trash are at it again. This time they're calling attention to the wastefulness of Angelenos who dispose of "940,000 tons of trash annually." And where does the trash go? After the dumpster, we mean. The majority of us have no clue. Heavy Trash wants to make sure you know that there's a place out there for your refuse through the Forever Landfill. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD - We mentioned the Hollywood Hills portion of Kings Road this AM. Now we hit the West Hollywood section. It's a very busy road. "I live on Kings Road in West Hollywood. The latest rumors on our street are that developers are very interested in the older apartment buildings. The reason is that The City of Los Angeles has raised the compensation landlords must give tenants when kicking them out and West Hollywood has not raised its compensation. Therefore kicking out tenants is much more affordable in West Hollywood. Lost are the reasons for the creation of the city in the first place as a haven for renters!" Nice job, City of LA. [CurbedWire Inbox]