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Storefronting: Pixies, And Hippies, and Cupcakes, Oh My!

BEVERLYGROVE - The always-reliable Blackburn & Sweetzer reports that Pixie Market, a New York import, will be opening on 3rd Street next week. The store seems to stock upscale apparel from all over the world - UK, Japan, Brazil and Switzerland. According to B&S, the store is moving into the former Tony Mack space, right next to Danmark. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]

SANTA MONICA - It has been a few weeks since the NY Times declared baked goods the hot career path in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean the story ends. On the contrary, the bake shop profiled in the piece, Vanilla Bake Shop, is slated to open July 10th, about a month after the NY Times estimated for its opening. Eff the low carb, low fat, low fun diet. Bring us some cupcakes.

TORRANCE - Speaking of the NY Times, they also declared this season the summer of the "ghetto hippie." Good news for people who actually take their style cues from the Gray Lady - Free People, arguably a leader in the "ghetto hippie" aesthetic, is opening in Torrance on July 2nd.