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On the Market: You call that small?

A helpful reader, or sneaky realtor, points us in the direction of this California affordable mini-residence. Featuring a kitchen, bathroom, a yard and a garage, what more does a single individual with a car and a taste for primary colors need. As noted in the listing, the 1927-built loft unit has no home owner association fees, unless you decide to pay yourself and then lord over the money, requiring yourself to pay annually for yard up-keep and repairs which take forever to complete. The only downside we can see to this little beauty is that truck parked next door with the Raiders sticker on the window. Bolt the doors.
What/Where: Studio/Loft, Echo Park
Sq. Footage: 335 SF home on 650 SF lot
Retail Price: $295,000
· 1416 Fairbanks Place Los Angeles, CA 90026 [Echo Park Realty]