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Glo is a Go

A fellow downtown watcher from Loft points us to the following pics of rental development Glo at 1050 Wilshire. "They turned on their lights last night," he writes. "I think they were just testing them, I don't think they'll be on again until they open the place. It should help light up the street when both buildings have it."

And here's the web site for the place. As a commenter on points, the floor plans have some ridiculous names such as Halo and Illumination, while building amenities include a "rooftop frolic room." Click on Lifestyle for more news about the building's perks--there's a Starbucks downstairs, touts Glo. Starbucks, meh. Our concern: Is that nighttime light gonna bother any neighbors?
· Glo-1050 Wilshire [Official Site]
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