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The Catch: Live Like A Frisco Hippie, Circa 1971

In today's catch: This one comes with the use of a free half-pipe! The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Nominees to the tipline.

What/Where: 1 bedroom available for $610. Its unclear how many total bedrooms are in the unit. Also unclear: whether you can actually call the bedroom a room, since it's up a ladder. The building is located by La Brea and W. Adams Blvd.
Looks Good, Right?: "Brando" the poster lists the following amenities: "all utlities included.....a/c and heater, water, trash, electricity.....washer and dryer ( the kind you don't have to pay for), house phone----NATION WIDE CALLING, full house and kitchen privileges. The place is 12x12x60, there's 2 bathrooms, refrigerator (2)/ stove, cable tv, road runner wireless high speed internet." Then he goes on to tell us (or rather SCREAM AT US): "THIS IS NOT AN APT. BUILDING. SOMETHING DIFFERENT. all musicians in 4 unit building THERES LIKE A 12-12 TIME FOR WHAT EVER MUSIC, CUTTING SOMETHING IN THE BACK, AND 12-12 FOR QUITE TIME. even when theres music being played in the building its still quite. everyone in building is nice. got a skateshop next door with a 1/2 pipe. THERE COOL ABOUT US USING IT."
The Catch: Ok, so the halfpipe could be cool. If you're a 12 year old. Actually, if you're in a state of retarded adolescent development, this could be just the place for you: "IM A 27 YEAR OLD DUDE ARTIST/MUSICIAN/HANDYMAN/WRITER/POET LAME BRAIN. I DONT LIVE IN THE LOFT. I STAY NEXT DOOR AND AT AN APT IN CULVER OTHER DUDE IS 18 DRUMMER FROM WELL OUT OF TOWN OTHER DUDE IS LIKE 28 AND SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKE UP ARTIST STUDENT. OTHER DUDE IS STEVE PUSHING FORTH. LIVES IN THE MUSIC STUDIO NEXT DOOR. COMPUTER WIZ. I MEAN EVERYTHING. MR FIX. THE BEST DUDE.....WE ALL LOVE STEVE AROUND HERE. AND I HAVE A DOG HER NAME IS WHISTLE COME STAY AT THE PLACE EVERYONE HAS BEEN LIVING IN." Dude, like, we totally want to hang with Steve. We're sure he makes up for the post-collegiate, bomb shelter, bleak-chic of the decor.