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EaterTastings: Burning Bridges. Hee.

It's not too late to get in our weekly Taste o' Eater. Mmmm. Tastes like chicken.

1) Well, that was fast. Bridge opened in April 2006, was renovated in March 2007 and now it's shut down for "an unspecific amount of time for renovations." Fine with us. We prefer the pizza at Vito's up the street anyway.

2) We can live without Bridge. But we panicked when we saw this post - RED LION SHUTTERED?!?! Say it isn't so. Thankfully, Eater said it isn't so. Just temporarily closed for "renovations" for all of 24 hours (read: the jack-booted thugs of the DOH hate bugs with their bratwurst and beer. Pussies).

3) We're right there with you, little sis. We want Norman to come back to LA. We promise to be better. To love you more. To eat your roasted pig. Just forgive us.

4) Oh goody! You know how we feel about map mashups AND how we feel about Jonathan Gold. We love them both, natch. So combining the two is pure heaven.

5) Just peeking in on Mozza. Yup, still busy.

6) Just checking in on Nobu La Cienega (pictured above, before as L'Orangerie and in its current state). Yup, still under construction. Still has a target opening of August. Still no word on who's designing the space - Rockwell again or new blood?