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The Catch: Self-described Crazy Clown Needs a Roommate

Truth IS stranger than fiction.The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Nominees to the tipline.

What/Where: 1 bedroom in a 3 bedroom share in Mar Vista. The third bedroom is "perfect for an office or massage room, whatever the business of order is" so the self-proclaimed "wacky androgynous clown model rockstar roommate" is looking for one roommate for the master bedroom with private bath. Its not clear from the listing if the wacky clown is male or female.
Looks Good, Right?: The poster lists the following amenities: "Bike ride away from the beach. Bright, clean apartment. Close to 405 and 10 fwys. Master bedroom w/ private bath. Sweet neighborhood. Around the corner from LEAF Raw Food restaurant."
The Catch: Here it comes. "Sexually shameful yuppies need not apply" to this listing. It gets weirder: "I am a crazy clown/yogini/performance artist/sexual healer who is looking for one open-minded roommate to rent out the other two rooms in my apartment...I like someone who I don't mind being erotically charged around since I'm a tantric alien, but more than anything, I'm looking for a spiritual, responsible roommate who likes some kid-like pizzazz and creative inspiration in their living environment. I'm into magic and channeling intergalactic wisdom, and I can't stand sexually shameful yuppies. I like to walk around topless and sometimes naked, period. I listen to classical music a lot during the day and cook mad organic vegetarian meals. There is a small kitchen, so someone who doesn't cook a lot would actually be preferable."
· Listing: $1200 AVAILABLE NOW- Mar Vista Room Share [Craigslist]