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CurbedWire: Historic Tear-down in Van Nuys Torn Down

[Image from Here in Van Nuys]

VAN NUYS - The preservationists tried their best. Here in Van Nuys reports the oldest home in the hood was demolished before it could be declared a historic monument. The house was built by Valley developer William Paul Whitsett in 1911. Why tear it down? Condos, of course. The hearing to consider the home a monument was planned by the Cultural Heritag Commission for July 12th but that's all for naught now. [CurbedWire Inbox/Here in Van Nuys]

VENICE - Remember that Whole Foods moving into Lincoln and Rose? An eagle-eyed reporter with better math skills than us ("Math is hard! Let's make cookies for the boys!") points out that the proposed square footage for the supermarket (47,317 square feet to be precise) is approximately the same square footage of the Big Lots plus Rite-Aid currently on that site. Woo hoo! The 99 cent store is saved! [CurbedWire Inbox]

BRENTWOOD - Warning: Obligatory Pinkberry mention of the day. A reader writes in with this pithy news: Brentwood PinkBerry opened [June 18th] on San Vicente (next to Whole Foods) to a large crowd. We've got nothing else. [CurbedWire Inbox]