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New Neon Sign on Building. We're Not Crazy Afterall.

We don't know if this has been covered by other blogs or not, but we're guessing it hasn't since we read everything. For weeks now, we have noticed a neon sign on top of a Hollywood building as we drove home on the 101. We weren't sure if it had always been there and we just never really noticed or if it was new, or if it had new bulbs, or if it was a different color - but we knew something was different. Today, we get confirmation from the nice people at The Patrón Spirits Company (of Patrón tequila fame) that indeed the neon addition to the Hollywood skyline is new and it is intended to make us drink more. Done and done.

The neon sign sits atop the Lofts at Hollywood & Vine (the former Equitable Building) project and is a cornea bending bright green and purple (or is that white?).
Via the liquor release: "The message on the neon billboard was created specifically for the neighborhood, an extension of Patro?n’s “Simply Perfect” global advertising campaign, which examines and debates topics of “perfection.” In this case, the question is who is more “perfect” in Hollywood, a “Rock Star” or a “Movie Star.” The billboard alternately flashes this choice, over the words “Some Perfection is Debatable,” then shifts to an image of a Patro?n tequila bottle, with the words “Some is Not.”