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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Bikes and Busses

Thanks for all the responses this week and thanks for clicking the link to the site of our Canadian friends at Spacing Wire. They always enjoy visitors from the other CA. If you have questions or comments, please email us at We're here for you.

[We just took this terrible picture with our cell phone]

1) Los Angeles: We had a lot of responses about bicycles, cellphones, bus drivers and motorists. None of it good. In summary, people should learn to share the road and not talk on cellphones while they drive. It's dangerous. Also, commenter Anonymous #8 answers the original question: "Bus drivers aren't allowed to make phone calls while on duty. I learned this after I almost got killed by a chatting bus driver. She wasn't paying attention and didn't notice me trying to board. She tried to shut the door and pull away with me halfway on the bus. You can file a complaint by following the directions here."

2) Woodland Hills: Commenter Badgergirl answers the question about what is going in at Dumetz and Topanga Canyon: "I believe a starbucks and carvel will be at the corner of Topanga & Dumetz." Indeed, we checked and Carvel's web site says Coming Soon! 4910 Topanga Canyon Blvd; Woodland Hills, CA 91364. No confirmation on the Starbucks, but that sounds reasonable.

3) Silver Lake: The question about the empty space next to Yolk is easily answerable, as we had mentioned previously that LA Mill Coffee would be opening up there soon. Thanks to the commenters for pointing this out.

Can we do this again next week? Email your questions to us today.